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Who am I?!
Hi I'm Matt and I offer professional services to nonprofits & startups and investigation work focussing on the issues faced by communities impacted by oil extraction in Nigeria where I used to work.
Matthew Halstead
I'm an entrepreneurial, energetic, and pragmatic Chartered Accountant with fifteen years experience managing high growth organisations of up to 150 staff in CFO, COO and CEO roles. In addition, I'm a part-time PhD Candidate in Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience using quantum chemistry and analytical electrostatic methods to research how endohedral metallofullerenes can be used to design polarisation molecular switches.

I've worked across several sectors including international development, automotive, mental health, theoretical chemistry, property and corporate finance. This cross-sector experience taught me a broad range of leadership, professional and technical skills that I apply at Board and Executive levels; particularly business management, restructuring, fundraising, finance, operations, business intelligence, digital technology, research and analysis.

I'm a Trustee and Board Director of Catch22, a £65m income social business supporting people in need across the UK welfare system, and a Trustee and Co-creator of Sidekick, a charity that empowers people to support their own mental health.
I believe that organisations are empowered and valuable when they are:

Operating through self-sufficient and responsible business models

Learning and adapting by collating and analysing data

Underpinning ideas and decisions with robust evidence

Creating space to solve complex problems;
Inspiring new ideas that are well-designed and far-reaching

I help organisations unlock value, achieve their potential and drive growth through the following services:
Commercial Advisory
Management experience enables the collation and analysis of organisational information to drive growth strategies
Supporting management teams with strategic planning to clearly articulate goals, objectives and operational activities aligned with their mission, vision and purpose
Financial Sustainability

Designing and integrating business models into new or existing structures to achieve financial sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness. This is supported by persuasive business cases, robust financial models and sensitivity analysis to fully appreciate risk, reward and impact

Our services:

  • Financial modelling (business, investment and growth)
  • Strategic & operational planning
  • Interim CFO & COO services
Data Discovery
Data Analysis
Analysing datasets to understand key trends, correlations and insights

Making data understandable by presenting information clearly using computational data visualisation tools

Visualising geo-spatial data using interactive maps, charts and graphs to analyse geographic trends and insights

Our services:

  • Data analysis
  • Analytics and web visualisation
  • Digital mapping
Research & Investigations
Undertaking research and analysis to support policy development, advocacy campaigns and commercial decision-making

Analysing qualitative and quantitative data to understand and investigate opaque systems and issues

Our services:
  • Commercial, social, economic and environmental research and investigations
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and modelling
  • Report drafting and publication
  • Peer review
Digital Development
Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to discover needs, wants and goals to better map systems, articulate problems and identify opportunities for change

Using digital technology to model, prototype and test hypotheses and understand challenges
Turning valid and viable propositions into digital products; dashboards, platforms, tools and apps

Our services:

  • Concept and proposition design
  • Digital project management
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Full stack digital development
Thoughts and Case Studies
I am proud to work with my clients...
...and greatly appreciate their feedback
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